Independence Day

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May 27, 2017
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Independence day in any country is perpetually celebrated to not just celebrate the much worked liberty
we have now but to remind the old and naive of all those who fought, suffered, lost, and died for all of
us, today, to breathe in the air not weighed in slavery. The day keeps us in reminder of all those soldiers
sweating/freezing on the border, breaking the mere survival rule and outliving the next to impossible
circumstances and sacrificing not only their but their kin’s lives.
After realising how everything is in one way or the other focused on maintaining the Independence
Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and who not gave up their precious lives for; we hereby are left with the sole
motive to keep the sense of nationality and brotherhood alive by eliminating the evils like race, caste,
colour and gender discrimination. It’s not only some modern ideology but well religiously practiced
Indian culture that has established the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam meaning the world is one.
So this Independence day HELLO MEAL pledge to simply follow the rules of humanity and serve the
society with utmost honestly, because we believe a happy stomach keeps the soul happier.
BY Ekta Mehra.

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